Common Foster Care INITIAL Licensing Forms & Items

Please contact your licensing agency with any questions.  Also make sure to sign the forms after they are printed!  Thank you!

Fingerprint background checks for household residents over 18 years old
(SFN 838 & 377)


Click both of the above ICONs for the needed forms.

INITIAL Application to Provide Family
Foster Care
(SFN 893)


Click the above ICON for the form.

Fire Safety Self Declaration 
(SFN 800)


Click the above ICON for the form.

Declaration of Good Health 
(SFN 972)


Click the above ICON for the form.

Family Evacuation Disaster Plan 
(SFN 445)


Click the above ICON for the form.

INITIAL Fire Safety Training


Click the above ICON for the online training on the

ND state website.

You may be asked to provide other licensing items such as:

Vechicle and homeowner / renters insurance
Record of pet vaccinations
Inspection of the furnace / heat source
Laboratory reports for non-municipal water
or raw mik
Other agency forms or