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Who can Adopt?

You can be an adoptive parent if you can provide a child with care, stability, and are ready to meet the challenges that will arise.

The process of becoming an adoptive parent is not expensive or complicated!


Who can adopt?

In North Dakota, a single person or a married couple who is at least 18 years of age can be an adoptive family. You do not have to own a home or have a certain amount of income to be an adoptive parent. You do need to consider what it will mean to have a child come into you family and how this will affect your life and the child’s life. With a full commitment and realistic expectations, foster or adoptive parents must be ready to give a child or children opportunities to develop to their full potential physically, academically, socially and emotionally.


Qualities and characteristics AASK looks for in an adoptive family:

Every child is different! Some children need to be with a single parent, some need a two-parent family; some need other children in their family, while some need to be the only child in their adoptive home. Many different types of families are needed to parent these children. All children need stability and a family they can count on for the rest of their lives, through good times and challenging times.


Children need to stay in touch with people they have loved such as former foster parents, siblings, teachers, and birth relatives, so an adoptive family should be open to continuing these important connections.


It is important to remember that the process is child-driven and that the child’s agency is seeking the best possible family to meet that individual child’s specific needs. AASK looks at how can a family meet the specific child’s needs, instead of how can a child meet the family’s needs. However, we are not looking for perfection. Keep in mind “you don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent!”


Am I ready to adopt?

If you’re considering adopting a child or sibling group, stop for a moment and ask yourself these important questions:

·  Do I have time to care for a child and provide for his or her physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs?

·  Do I have support from my family, community, church and friends who will be there for me through challenging times?

·  Am I willing to advocate for my child? The child I adopt may have special needs and possible unforeseen educational or mental health challenges.

·  Am I ready to commit to a child forever, even if times get tough? I know this child will be counting on me and adoption is a life-long commitment.


Adoption can bring great joys and rewards, but it is also a long-term commitment that must not be entered into lightly. Each child deserves a "forever" family, one that is willing to be there for them every day throughout their childhood and beyond. It may take months or years to gain their trust. Many of the children require regular medical attention and/or counseling. Parenting any child can be hard work, but for the right family with a lot of love and dedication, the rewards can be tremendous.


A home for every child.